31 May 2018


The primary business is Residential Facilities for Senior Citizens, and associated healthcare, social services, home care services, home visits by health care professionals, and cleaning services. The property consists of a variety of units such as senior citizen homes, aged care facilities, club houses and a County campus based in Thailand.


The Role

  • The position of Chief Executive Officer was created to carry out our Client’s Mission: “To be the preferred provider of services to the growing senior citizens of Thailand and other countries, and to help senior citizen to age with dignity and great quality of life.”
  • He/she will be responsible for setting up an organisation structure, management system, financial system, physical plant management and other related systems, in order to ensure that the estate is well run, and the residents are well taken care of. In doing so, the CEO will be authorised to recruit, develop and train the needed leadership team.
  • The CEO will be under the direct supervision of a Board of Directors, and the Chairman. The Board will set appropriate Vision & Mission and set the strategic direction of the company, set performance objectives. As such, the CEO will be responsible for timely performance reports and financial data to the board for performance evaluation. Financial reports will be in accordance with the financial reporting of the company and will be consolidated accordingly.
  • The CEO will work with the Board of Directors and the Chairman to ensure synergy of resources and services, and that the Mission is supported.
  • Operations will be directed by the CEO, in consultation with an Executive Committee. The CEO will serve as the chairman of the Executive Committee.


Key Requirements

  • Since the type of business is a hybrid of real estate and service industry, it is envisioned that the CEO will have to service as the link between the two industries. He/she may come from either real estate or service industry or both.
  • The candidate should have relevant degree in management and with appropriate work experience in the real estate and/or services. As a pioneer in facilities and services for senior citizens, it is expected that the CEO is innovative and open minded, while developing a hybrid business that will eventually serve about 20 percent of population in Thailand.
  • The candidate will have to be a “people person” with ability to work with, and understand human nature, especially the physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs of senior citizen. Flexibility without sacrificing the principle of good service will be essential quality. The candidate should be forward looking, as the target market will continue to evolve and increase in size. Relevant technology and facilities will be invented and/or developed as the target market continues to grow over the next 30 years.
  • The physical, mental and emotional condition of target customers and residents will and change over the years. Their capacity for self help will decrease, and become more dependent to the facilities for care and support. The CEO will need to provide leadership and guidance to fellow administrators and staff to support the needs of residents and prospective customers.
  • Death and grief will be an unavoidable aspect of senior citizenship. It is emotionally and spiritually draining on the staff, and other residents. The CEO should be spiritually grounded, and help to establish a system of emotional and spiritual support for staff, residents etc.

We are not looking for a perfect candidate with all these qualities to achieve superior or perfect performance. One who will grow with the team, learn with the team, and create a new way of retiring and ageing.


Interested in this exciting challenge? Apply today with your updated CV – paris@silverforcehospitality.com


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